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Is St. Albert exceptional?by Animo

Not at all. Politics aside, listening to the complaints about anything and everything makes me think that this is a city known for flapping its mouth muscles.

The latest is on dog stool. It was obviously a slow day for one of the local papers floundering to find material to write an editorial on. With no one writing in to fill the space for this particular sad rag’s edition, they decided to write on dog excrement hoping it would get reader reaction. Well, they did get one  reader’s view. This wasn’t enough for this particular paper. They quickly grabbed three brief online reactions to this reader’s thought out opinion. Those three reactions were then quickly used to fill space for the next edition. Do we know if those opinions came from the paper itself?  We don’t. But it did fill space, didn’t it?

Aside from the feeble attempt to get a public outcry on this issue, whatever happened to people acting instead of complaining and willing to pay out $54,000 dollars on a sheet patrol. That’s serious money for a pile of faeces. More taxpayers’ money down the drain. Why not either tell the owner to pick up after their dog or offer him a bag or pick it up yourself. Of course if you’re of the mind set that it’s not your job, then sure, complain. Complain lots so that our taxes can continue to rise and the local nanny government can butt your hard earned pay check some more.

This is just the most recent example. Others include people complaining about snow removal. Have they actually talked with the “perpetrators”? Have they offered to help? There may be an unlimited number of reasons why a particular walk has not been shovelled to a complainer’s satisfaction. Quit the complaining and at least do the smallest neighbourly deed. Talk.

If we don’t talk to one another and continue to flap our mouths to third parties, it’s a given that it will cost us. There are individuals in this community that are stretched to the limit. Not that the nanny cares as it penalizes where it can to get more revenue for more special interest groups and projects. One way to curb that is to talk with one another, work together and eliminate our ever increasing cost and dependency on government.

It’s time to get the negativity out of this city. It’s time to find ways to downsize local government’s appetite for our hard-earned cash. It’s time we actually start talking and listening to each other again instead of through a third party. And as offensive as some may find it, it’s time to grow a spine and be adults again.


14 thoughts on “New Guest Author Post

  1. One can’t talk to each other when they come across dog crap all over the place. Who do you suggest we talk to? There is no-one around, the pathetic dog owner has let their pet crap all over the place.

    This spring melt will reveal mounds of the stuff.

    You might have a point if we knew who to talk to. But as it stands now, you don’t.

    So how about you grow a brain before you talk down to others.

    1. F_C_ now that you got your complaining off your chest, why not grab a bag like I mentioned and pick up what you find offensive. If not, then you’re just a contributor to the constant tax hikes.

      1. Why the hell would I pick up someone elses dogs crap? This only justifies these losers actions. I am not their maid, guess you are!

  2. Negativity: helping out neighbours and then get told my this restrictive government that I can only help out their way. I gave up helping out.

    1. I did too. Used my snowblower several times to clear a walkway only to have the city come with their bobcat and make it impossible to walk for some of the seniors. They left hills, tore up lawn edges and destroyed tree branches. And we pay for such incompetency?

  3. This mayor kills real community spirit. You do something positive and he’ll find a way to make it cost taxpayers and then continue to raise the taxes on it. We’re just a commodity that lines his and his cronies pockets. Nothing more.

    1. Rex, my purpose for writing this was to get people to start seeing past the negativity, start talking with one another (not social media) and do things without government involvement. Right now we’re allowing them in too many facets of our lives.

      I do agree with you though on us being a commodity.

      1. Over the past number of years our neighborhood does a couple of block parties a year without government permission or involvement or cost to the taxpayer. It’s a start.

    1. It’s in honour of what our Elite Mayor said to someone… somewhere, before the election, but of course, denies it and thanks to the ThinkTank, got re-elected.

  4. F_C_ wrote:
    Why the hell would I pick up someone elses dogs crap? This only justifies these losers actions. I am not their maid, guess you are!

    Animo replies:
    Rectifying something that bothers you doesn’t excuse someone else’s neglect. And yes, I’m guilty as charged. I have picked up after others, be it garbage that flies around after garbage day, cigarette packs, Tim Horton cups, chip bags and yes even dog faeces. Given your stance, you’d rather spend $54K on “crap”.

  5. When I was young in the 50′ and 60’s I don’t remember people being so focused on pointing fingers. People took initiative. They served each other and thereby succeeded in being friendly and neighborly…not just my imagination.

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