Not even a year into this council’s four year mandate and scandal strikes this city.  News about St. Albert’s mayor’s abuse of funds has not only hit local media sites, but has also garnered national media attention.

No matter how much Nolan Crouse tries to “apologize” for his “honest” mistakes over the nineteen month period presented at October 6th, 2014 council meeting, those apologies will not cut it with St. Albertans.

Not to worry Mayor Crouse, you have company in deceiving the tax paying public.

Montreal, Quebec: Michael Applebaum indicted on 14 charges which included fraud, conspiracy and breach of trust and corruption in municipal affairs. Four months later the original charges were extended to include major real estate transactions. Preliminary hearing scheduled for June 2015.

Hamilton, Ontario: Larry Di Ianni pleaded gulty to six charges of violating municipal election finance rules.

London, Ontario: Joe Fontana convicted of three related fraud charges totalling $1700 in June of this year.

Vernon, British Columbia: Sean Harvey admitted to abusing $14,000 of taxpayers’ money via his expense account. He was sentenced to twelve months house arrest. He was charged with fraud a second time for defrauding his business partner of $69,000.

Montreal, Quebec: Gérald Tremblay resigned after allegations of corruption at city hall that he chose not to acknowledge.

Laval, Quebec: Gilles Vaillancourt arrested and charged with fraud and corruption in 2013

How far Nolan Crouse’s deception goes remains to be seen.

















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