What a fine example our city politicians have given to the students of tomorrow. Is it pushing or bullying their agenda through that sets them apart from those who seek a viable solution for all concerned? Is responsibly studying the pros and cons of a problem an example of the imprint we want to leave on young, impressionable minds? It seems that with what has happened to Erin Ridge residents, students have been taught that it is okay to ‘bully’ one’s own agenda through regardless of the cost it leaves on others. Bully, grab and run because “I” want.

Throughout this sham, students will have learned that reasoning and logic is futile when confronting the illogical minds of adults who can not lead. That can be evidenced in the silence of three councillors, the illogical words of another and the incoherency of a mayor who does not follow the City’s “vision” and bylaws which state that green spaces are to be protected. And then this portion of the council has the audacity to say they want to institute other policies? For what purpose when they can not follow the policies they have already put in place.  A sad statement about individuals whose education was obviously wasted.

Include how some of these local politicians did their homework as a bad example to students. Not doing their research (Draper) results in poor grades. And how can we expect children to regularly attend government institutions when adults like Draper and Crouse, who are paid generous salaries by the taxpayer, do not attend public meetings.

Oh yes, the list continues. Rudely interrupting people while they speak in front of a group; twitter, shuffle papers, and refuse eye contact with those who make an effort of doing their homework as they present it to the ‘class’. Communication is a two way street. Sadly even Councillor Osborne, who ran his platform on this single item, lost his ability to do so.

Who did these four councillors and mayor listen to? Not the residents who did their homework and coherently presented their facts. Not Henri Lemire, the Francophone district’s superintendent who had previously stated “We know from experience our parents are quite accommodating.  If there’s a new school, they’ll make sure their kids attend regardless of where it is. Obviously we want a site that’s large enough.” [emphasis stabnow]  Not even the traffic study had an effect on these individuals. And not even the coherency of their colleagues MacKay and Hughes made a dent.

But they did listen to the one who did sloppy homework – city administrator, Patrick Draper. The one who gets paid an exorbitant salary to not even take the initiative to go back to the province and ask for a short extension while another site was studied. Excellent examples of sloughing off and still expect to pass the grade.

Rounding off this insult to education was left to Crouse at the third and final reading of amendments saying that his representation went “beyond taxpayers and voters” to include children. Of course that is at the cost of other children.

Is it any wonder that our society is such a mess?



One thought on “Education

  1. As I have already conveyed prior to the election. I am watching and will at an appropriate time make a summary of what has been a series of broken political statements made during the campaign by those re-elected and new save and except Councillors McKay and Hughes. To date, there has been no evidence of reality and cost effectiveness in anything I have witnessed. We are but continuing with same old, same old without independent thought or homework done.

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