A Rarity Indeed

Ever notice that months after an election, politicians tend to show their true colours. For most, the platforms they ran on quickly become a distant memory. Sure they will allude to one or two of their “goals” during their time in office, but overall their meaningless words during election season are just that . . . . meaningless.

Then there is the odd politician who goes into office and actually “lives” the promises he gave during an election campaign. Like him or not, Brent Rathgeber is one such politician. He was elected into office to represent his constituents and found that once there, his political values and ethics were being compromised. Voters know the rest of the story.

What does Brent Rathgeber have to do with St. Albert? Other than representing us federally, he has shown a nation what it means to stay true to the election platform he ran on. Residents are lucky to have voted such a man into office to represent them, as such integrity in a politician is a rare thing indeed.

On a local level residents once again struck gold when Councillor Sheena Hughes and Councillor Cam MacKay were elected into office. For those who have been following council meetings, been to various open houses, or have been following council members through various media forms, the one thing that sets these two apart is their consistency in following through with their platforms. Articulate, intelligent and responsive to the citizens of St. Albert, they have not wavered from their election promises.

Old politicians tend not to tolerate dissent or independent thinking, but serious politicians like Councillors Hughes and MacKay show that their independent thinking is what makes them appealing to people from all walks of life.

Already blazing their own paths of transparency and accountability will make the next few years interesting.


9 thoughts on “A Rarity Indeed

  1. MacKay and Hughes are doing great things for St. Albert. Our son is just entering the age of political curiosity and it thrills me to watch him identify the differences between poor, mediocre and excellent politicians. There’s hope for his future. Thank you.

  2. We need more politicians like these who can stand up, question and say enough is enough. You’re doing a great thing for St. Albert.

  3. 100% agreed, I am glad that Mackay got at least one other person on council with some brains to help him out. Very impressed with Hughes so far and Mackay always does a god job. I hope they keep it up, net time us voters will have to give them some more people to work with.

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