Another Gaffe?

June 25th, 2013. A well known political figure steps out of his vehicle, approaches a group in public and emits obscenities in front of witnesses. Several months later he is once again caught saying things that no principled politician would be verbalizing in public. One has to wonder why a politician, who just recently won an election, is so insecure with individuals he works for and with.

Asking hard questions and expecting verifiable responses is the mark of a conscientious politician working for the people he represents. It is refreshing that present council does indeed have such individuals on board. It offers a small amount of hope that not all politicians are corrupt.

New perspectives and questions that have been evident in and out of council meetings over the past months should be positively received as they open up scenarios that may not have been previously considered. A sign of true leadership would welcome these as new solutions are sought.

But then true leadership is a rarity and over time many politicians succumb to Machiavellian inclinations where retaining authority and power at the cost of integrity becomes justifiable for them.  This seems to be the case with Mayor Crouse.

He can not circumvent his latest public faux pas. Too many can vouch for what transpired. And until he publically addresses it, it won’t fade from the spotlight. Residents are talking, bloggers are blogging, twitter is tweeting and talk forums are exploding. It may not be quite the Mayor Rob Ford fiasco, but for a small city of this size the Mayor’s conduct towards other council members, as well as the public does matter.

Maybe it is time to do the responsible thing and own the mistake. Even Mayor Rob Ford did. Maybe the stress of being in office for a third term is showing. Maybe it is time . . . . . . .


2 thoughts on “Another Gaffe?

  1. Crouse isn’t going anywhere, his group is already recruiting more candidate for the next election to try and get a clean sweep.
    My only hope is that Osborne joins the other hard to work with two and that council keeps on spending and wasting. Maybe then the voters will clue in.

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