Forgot Democracy

Democracy is a universal value based on the freely-expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems, and their full participation in all aspects of life.

It is surprising with Premier Redford’s background that her government conveniently forgot about democracy as they tried to entrench Bill 28 into law.

When Mayor Crouse stated that this Bill “sends a strong message to municipalities to co-operate or else”(1), he should have included that this threat goes against everything that democracy in Canada stands for.

To subject voters to a bill that gives them no say in what happens to them, their city or their future is as undemocratic as it can get. The CRB is already undemocratic. It was never elected into being by voters. It has no obligations or accountability to the electorate and systematically shrinks individual property rights and liberties.

As for those mayors and reeves, who still respect the voice of the people who put them in office, they would be silenced with threats of heavy fines and/or incarceration. How democratic is that?

Albertans can be thankful that the provincial opposition parties spoke out as strongly as they did. Otherwise this province would be another step closer to a soviet style council system.


(1) St. Albert Gazette, Province puts CRB law on hold, November 2, 2013


12 thoughts on “Forgot Democracy

  1. Very good commentary. This legislation would have taken away our rights to act as a community and would have eroded our rights to choose to remain a small city, with a proud heritage, called St. Albert.

  2. The question remains – will the rest of the frogs wake up before they are boiled to death? It may not have passed YET, but it will in some form. And if people like Crouse and Iveson have their way our rights will disappear. Elections will become a joke. This is one to follow closely.

    1. ‘Had’ Gobble? I’d sure like to see the group continue. We need people who present another perspective. We need people who work with facts and ask hard questions. Looking at all visionaries worldwide, we see the results. The states are a great example. They’re so far in debt, they don’t know where to pull their head out of.

  3. Gary, the Think Tank provided factual info to inform the electorate but got pounded by gazette who I believe gave crouse the win along with crouse’s ploys.

    1. Gazette did the worst piece of reporting I’ve ever seen. They’ve become an advertising rag. Definitely gone downhill.

  4. I want SATA to continue. The people involved were extraordinary and did not deserve lemieux’s and crouse’s slanderous attempt at discrediting them. Shame on them.

    1. I don’t think anyone is going to change his supporters. Wasted effort. The ones to address are those sitting on the fence and those who need a reason to vote.

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