Pointing Fingers

The candidate of your choice didn’t win. Let’s blame ‘Anonymous’. Interesting that the voter is not blamed. Interesting that the media is not blamed.

Society has become a “quick fix” society. Over the last decade the ability to process and retain information has diminished. Fifteen second advertisements on television give the brain a brief adrenalin rush. Transfer that to today’s technology – twitter – sound bites – how many followers – all equate with brief spurts of adrenalin rush. Ask someone to read something more in-depth and, although the capability to comprehend is still there, the adrenalin rush is not. So the average voter goes for the addictive rush.

And those who now place blame on “Anonymous” for not getting the candidate of their choice into office, what exactly did YOU do? Forget the adrenalin rush and think hard before you answer that question.

The Think Tank addressed serious issues. They backed up every issue with credible references. At no time did they mention the Mayor’s name, nor any specific person on council. They stuck to their initial intentions – presenting facts. Since when did that become a bad thing?

During the campaign weeks many of you supported the issues and welcomed the facts they presented. Many of you understood the reason for anonymity. Many acknowledged that our Constitution allows freedom of speech.

And local media used it for their candidate’s advantage. Check the front page of the local papers through the campaign weeks and notably absent were headlines that spoke of election issues or of candidates. Sensationalised tabloid tactics to sell hard copy was the MO. What happened to the responsible paper that covered important issues from all angles and gave those important issues front page status? One has to wonder who is in whose pocket?

Where’s that finger pointing?


2 thoughts on “Pointing Fingers

  1. yup gazette (which i will never read again) was as paula simons said “not good journalism” was in crouse groups pocket. Irresponsible journalism at best.

    1. Their coverage ws pretty pathetic. Funny that today’s tabloid suddenly mentions issues. Who woulda thunk that now that the dirty deed is done they can write about them.

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