Post Election

There are many who worked incredibly hard over the last several months. Worked hard because they believed that truth and facts would be strong enough to light a flame. Worked hard because they were tired of being confronted with the constant inundation of views and opinions of the absurd. Worked hard against the fringe groups that are making enormous inroads into how St. Albert citizens should live. Yes, many of you worked extremely hard.

Results may not be what one wished for through all that hard work. But results are definitely there. Shelley Biermanski opened up windows and doors for many. Her numbers showed that. The increased voter turnout showed that.

Thank you Ms. Biermanski. You have earned the respect of many.

The forums brought common sense from a number of other candidates. Bob Russell revealed the insane yearly salary increases city employees get; the hardships some residents find themselves in because of high property taxes and extremely high utility rates. Norm Harley’s fact finding reports disclosed the city’s fiscal irresponsibility. John Goldsmith’s contribution revealed how the city has consistently taken industrial zoned lands and turned them into residential ones, thereby heaping more of a tax burden on residents.  And Ted Durham’s frequent exposure of the city’s excessive spending earned him heavy opposition.

Roger Bradley, Mark Cassidy, Gareth Jones and Malcolm Parker need to also be mentioned as they offered common sense solutions to various issues.

The time, effort and expense all these candidates put in to giving St. Albert an open and honest picture of reality should not be shelved. They deserve more.

The next 3 ½ years is not  the time to sleep.

Now is the time to make the new council more accountable than ever before. The more eyes on them, the better. The more questions they have to answer from constituents, the better.

Now is not  the time to become complacent.


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