Realistic Visions

Ted Durham’s most obvious strength is his vocal tenacity and research in holding council accountable in decisions made affecting St. Albert residents. As the first candidate to throw his hat into the ring earlier this year, he has made his intentions very clear to represent residents – all residents.

His business and managerial background give him a leading edge to working with businesses and increasing financial efficiencies. These assets would greatly benefit St. Albert.

Ted Durham’s platform includes fiscal responsibility, addressing utility rates and unnecessary spending, repealing DARP and the $500,000 LRT study, reinstating the municipal planning commission, and reducing/maintaining property tax rates.

There is no doubt that as councillor, St. Albertans will greatly benefit with Ted Durham representing the realistic needs of this community.


John Goldsmith’s impressive 35 year business background are something voters should seriously take into consideration before hitting the voting booth.

At the forums, listening to his well researched presentations backing up the various issues he is campaigning for, left the voter with the impression that this is a man who will cater to the well-being of all St. Albertans – residents and businesses alike.

John Goldsmith’s platform includes halting the out-of-control spending,  government transparency, review of the solid waste policy, protection of the Big Lake River Corridor, reinstating the municipal planning commission, repealing DARP and the $500,000 LRT study, and “affordable living”.

John Goldsmith – a serious consideration.


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