That definitely describes Bob Russell.

Over the years Bob Russell has been politically active on the local, provincial and federal levels. Having previously served three terms on St. Albert’s council gives him good insight as to how the wheels turn at city hall.

His in-depth real estate background plus his certification in planning and zoning and six terms on Edmonton’s Metropolitan Planning Commission is a distinct advantage to understanding new residential and commercial development proposals. It also gives him strength in addressing issues mature neighbourhoods face.

Bob Russell’s platform includes addressing St. Albert’s high utility rates, zero-based budgeting, reinstating the municipal planning commission, protecting the Big Lake River Corridor, a one year freeze on administrative hiring, getting an internal audit done, completing Ray Gibbons Drive, cultivating a better relationship with Sturgeon County and other surrounding municipalities.

Even with his long list of accomplishments, amongst them receiving the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for Public Service, he remains a people’s man.

Bob Russell will do an excellent job. He is an asset St. Albertans can not afford to pass up.


Cam MacKay certainly also fits this category. It is not often one comes across a politician who actually knows how to listen to constituents. That is a gift. He is approachable, concerned about the quality of life residents experience, and has often stood alone in support of citizens at council meetings.

Solid in his ethics and values, you know his interest rests with making St. Albert an affordable place for residents to live and businesses to operate.

Included in Cam MacKay’s platform are keeping tax increases to a minimum of1.5% preferring to obtain 0%, if possible; retaining an internal auditor, keeping City Councillor positions at part time, looking for reasonable utility rates and reviewing the present cost of waste removal, reinstating a municipal planning commission, preserving current parks and green space, and having residents take back their community to bring about more cohesion and community spirit.

Cam MacKay is the voice of reason that St. Albertans need to support and retain.


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