You Want Headlines?

Try Norm Harley. He is not only a powerhouse behind the microphone, but also in his commonsense approach to St. Albert’s financial dilemma. One could expect nothing less from a man with his strong background in the financial industry. And over the years he has repeatedly demonstrated that strength before council.

If you get the chance to listen to Norm Harley’s council presentations, or read them in St. Albert’s Place On The Web archives, you will see that this is a man who cares about the taxpayer’s pocketbook; this is a confident man who wants to see $ensible $olutions to move St. Albert forward.

He is factual, substantiates what he says and does not try to bamboozle the voter with platitudes. What you see is what you get.

His platform includes being fiscally responsible, lower utility and tax rates, review transit efficiency and review non-essential service subsidies.

Norm Harley has a proven track record of offering viable solutions for the citizens of St. Albert. What more can you ask for?

Sheena Hughes.

What a treat to watch her in action at the forums! If the voter has had the chance to speak with Sheena Hughes, they can not help but acknowledge that not only is the lady very approachable, but also extremely well researched on a variety of local government issues.

Her platform is quite thorough. Fiscal responsibility, zero-based budgeting, reasonable utility rates, waste collection review, preserving greenspaces, reinstating the municipal planning commission, repeal the “extremely premature” $500,000 LRT study and tax levy, and repeal DARP.

Ms. Hughes will address affordable transportation solutions for all St. Albertans and work with downtown businesses for viable and affordable resolutions for the downtown core.

She has no hesitation in stepping forward for residents.  St. Albert witnessed that when Sheena Hughes offered a feasible solution to the Erin Ridge school fiasco.

Sheena Hughes’ strengths are a definite asset for taking St. Albert in the right direction.


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