Scorecard 4 Update

Scorecard 4 update from the October 15th, 2013, St. Albert Chamber of Commerce Forum is now available on the SCORECARD page.

New information can be quickly be identifed through the maroon coloured F2.

Note to those not in attendance: the forum’s question portion was set up so that questions were done in groups of three or four candidates only responding.  Consequently not all questions could be answered by all candidates.  The mayoral candidates were able to respond to all questions.

Thank you Roger Bradley for ending the evening on an humourous note.


One thought on “Scorecard 4 Update

  1. Ran into an homeowner who was displaying an incumbent’s sign on his lawn. I stopped and asked if he was actually going to vote for this guy. He said he was because he was the mayor. I told him some of the stats I’ve discovered and told him to check out this site, TT and mybirdie. He didn’t know about any of the stats and thanked me for the info. IOW, don’t always trust the signs will turn into a vote for who they’re displaying.

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