Sign vandalism seems to be high on the list this election season. And even though the social master plan that cost taxpayers dollars to get written, there is little attempt by the current council to activate what they worked on over the last few years to curb this activity.

Stabnow is offering a public service, TAX FREE, to contain the vandalism.

Seeing our reader base has significantly increased over the last months, we ask all readers to keep an eye out for signs that have been mutilated, torn from the ground or simply “disappeared”.

If you do see a sign and have the opportunity to safely stop to put it back up, please do so. If you can not stop to put the sign up, either contact the candidate or post it here on stabnow’s SIGN page (top of page).

We will either send someone out to resurrect the sign or notify the candidate. Or, if a reader catches the post on the SIGNS page and will be travelling that particular route and is up to doing it, please let us know so that we can take it off the list.

Consider this a FREE public service for all voters and candidates alike.


2 thoughts on “Vandalism

  1. The pattern is simple, idiots from all groups and just plain vandals are knocking signs down. Seems that depending on location, some candidates are faster at replacing signage. Please, no tin foil, conspiracy stuff.

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