It’s Criminal

Early September the Mayor blogged that “Stats Canada is reporting that as of December 31, 2012, St Albert has the LOWEST criminal code violations per capita of any urban centre in Alberta.”

That is definitely something residents can be pleased about.  But confusion sets in.

If St. Albert is doing so well in this area, why is the Mayor wanting to hire more ‘RCMP staffing’?

His “community crime reduction strategy” will cost taxpayers. Is this truly to reduce crime rate in a city with the “lowest criminal code violations per capita” even moreso, or is it to capture more revenue? Will the average citizen become caught up in this stasi scheme? Will the top crime issue eventually become catching the individual idling their vehicle for a few minutes more than bylaw allows? Or what about someone clearing snow for a neighbour? Or maybe someone is not following the new garbage bins and containment ‘standard’ the Mayor is intent on having developed?

And what kind of community would St. Albertans be living in by having the “top 5 individuals believed to be involved in St. Albert crime” identified? Believed to be?  Since when are people convicted of “believing to be guilty” without their fair day in court? Without having been charged? Is this not a form of bullying? Is this not something the Mayor’s Social Master Plan is advocating to banish and yet here we have the Mayor himself promoting it? Yes, pointing fingers at someone who has not been charged, has not been found guilty *is* a form of bullying.

Take a look at the life that was destroyed when a couple of girls pointed fingers at an innocent teacher. Although acquitted by the courts, public opinion could not change its view of Mr. Dubas, whose name was publicized. And St. Albert’s present Mayor is inciting this type of bullying.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom Section 11(d) provides that any person charged with an offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal.

And if the Mayor feels the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom does not apply to his proposal, then closer to home he may want to read Alberta’s. It also states that an individual has “the right to be presumed innocent of a crime until proven guilty in court; the right to contact a lawyer if [snip] arrested; the right to a fair trial;

The lack of respect this Mayor has for the Law of the Land is indefensible. Let us hope that if . . . if  this man gets back into office that the first individual he publically bullies does not sue the pants off of St. Albert taxpayers. After all, taxpayers would be the ones footing the bill – not the individual who is actively campaigning for this.

Maybe, just maybe, St. Albert would have far fewer crimes if this city would not be so preoccupied with adding more bylaws that create new crime.

Revenue.  Revenue seems to be the bottom line.  Cha-ching


2 thoughts on “It’s Criminal

  1. Yeah, like that anonymous tattle on your neighbour app. The mayor is okay with that, but wants to stone five people publically.

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