GASP! Hidden Agendas!

So sayeth an alarmist who “bemoans”St. Albert Think Tank’s ads.

It is a shame that those who use the anonymity of St. Albert Think Tank as a reason to skirt issues in this election, have apparently not thoroughly read the ads this group puts forth. Nor have they checked out the sources these ads readily supply, most of which come from the City of St. Albert itself.

Looking at the issues the St. Albert Think Tank presents should raise an alarm. The group has obviously taken the time to do their research, has taken the time to piece together thought provoking ads and has given sources so that each responsible voter can research for themselves.

No hidden agenda there.

It is understandable that what they present is disconcerting. And it is understandable that many would rather be the ostrich than face reality. But so far they have been leaders in presenting very serious issues St. Albert residents will face in the future.

They should be thanked for doing such an excellent job in informing voters.


3 thoughts on “GASP! Hidden Agendas!

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s the facts I’m after. I personally don’t care who is behind the TT. They’re not running for office.

  2. As someone else mentioned on mybirdie, there’s a lot of anonymity going around nowadays (i.e. crimestoppers). As long as the forum is held under strict guidelines of decorum, who cares who they are. I’ll be attending for sure as I’m interested in hearing more than just the usual platitudes of “I’ll give you (insert your special interest WANT)”.

  3. The ironic thing is that candidates will find out once they are there who members of TT are. What are they afraid of? The questions? As stabnow wrote earlier, there’s a lot of candidates handing out fluff. This is our chance to see who is really interested in the voter.

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