Too often voters get caught up in a barrage of promises, hints of promises, platitudes and political speak . Trying to wade through what each candidate actually  says can be a task in itself.

To help voters out, the Stabnow Team has gone through various campaign websites, as well as on and offline media sources, set up a table of promises/issues and checked off each candidate’s stated  position. Implications, generalities and vagueness are not and will not be included as voters can not hold individual candidates accountable for them after the election is over.

Stabnow will continue to monitor on and offline sources and keep this table updated till October 21, 2013.

Mid-October we will print out candidate names for each category for those who have difficulty navigating the chart.

“Scorecard” will receive its own page (see “SCORECARD” in the “About” line above) and a brief announcement will be sent out each time an update occurs.


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