It is time to concentrate on those candidates who are interested in representing all residents. Time to concentrate on those candidates who are actually interested in discussing the issues. Time to put those candidates who respect everyone, regardless of fame or anonymity, forward.

Enough of the candidates who seek out sympathy from the electorate to get votes. Enough of the candidates who skirt the issues. Enough of the candidates who favour private interest groups above citizens, are funded by private interest groups and have no serious intention of changing their spending course should they come into office. Enough of the whiners.

It is interesting to see what candidates are actually made of. One candidate’s property was vandalized. Supporters were furious. The candidate? Probably also furious, but she did not make it a campaign issue. She continued concentrating on the task ahead and that is representing the people of St. Albert and the issues that affect their lives.  That  is character strength.

What did local media do? Nothing.

But wait. It did address letters written in regards to another candidate. In fact, this second incident did headline the front page. Some considered it free advertising for the candidate.

RCMP filed the incident as non-threatening. But local media still saw fit to headline it. And the candidate? He saw it as a desperate opportunity to garner sympathy votes. And he continues to do so when one reads his on line verbiage.

Let us be realistic. Being in the public eye will bring out the negative in people. It will bring out the dissatisfaction the electorate feels towards someone attempting to lead this city. Whether one likes it or not, it goes with the job.

So dear citizens . . . . are you looking for strength in leadership or are you happy with a whiner?

If it is strength, then quit giving whiners free advertising. Start supporting the candidate who displays strength. Start exclusively using the candidate’s name you support where ever and whenever you can. Whiners have enough funds to keep your tears flowing should they happen to get into office. They don’t need to have their names flow from your lips.

Remember, even bad advertising is still advertising.


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