Fluff or Meat and Potatoes?

Day One of St. Albert’s municipal election campaign officially starts today. What will residents be presented with? Fluff to steer them away from the real issues at hand, or meat and potatoes that will feed them for the next four years?

Incumbents have their history in office to deal with. Platitudes that a new candidate “might” get away with will be difficult for incumbents to fall back on. They will be thoroughly scrutinized and will be answering to the voting public for their last three years in office.

New candidates will have their work cut out for them too. They will have to be up to date on their facts and figures. They will have to make sure that any public statements they make in any venue will not come back to haunt them. After all, it is called dirty politics for a reason. Those that have been in the public eye for several years will, like the incumbents, also be scrutinized for the worth of their words and their past history.

Both incumbents and new candidates alike can be thankful that it is only four weeks before a new council finds itself in office. If they were south of the border, they would have to be on their toes a lot longer.

And the public . . . . they will have to remember that the next four weeks will impact them for at least the next four years, if not longer. Let us hope that the typical apathy or complaints of election season are not as strong as voter turnout at the polls will be.

Here we go . . . . . .


One thought on “Fluff or Meat and Potatoes?

  1. We should also be wary of cute slogans like “Make St Albert what it should be”. This can mean anything. To some it may mean a very lean budget with reductions or elimination of public support for transit, arts, recreation and library. To others it may mean the opposite. Another is “Change is Good” . We just had a change in leadership of the provincial government which I am sure many people feel was not good. In the last few years St Albert changed the garbage collection system. Was that good?

    So do not focus just on the platitudes coming from city hall and incumbents. Challengers are also very capable of coming up with meaningless fluff.

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