The Race is on!

The campaign has started.  Mark Cassidy is the first to officially advertise his campaign in the August 24th, 2013 local paper.  A simple well thought out ad that quickly catches a voter’s eye.  And aside from where he may stand on various issues, it is an ad easy to retain in the mind’s eye come October 21st.  Well done Mr. Cassidy.

It is puzzling as to why other candidates have not already stepped up to the plate and become very public about their candidacy or platform issues. Maybe working quietly behind the scenes to eventually crunch in as much as they can between September 23rd and voting day will work the charm for them. Maybe they are waiting for one of the incumbents to step forward to snip the ribbon at the starting gate. Maybe they are holding off because it is easier to trip up during a longer campaign. Maybe there really isn’t an election coming up.

Looking next door to the capital of this province, one can actually hear more than a whisper of the upcoming election. Mayoral candidates have started their campaign to gain name recognition as well as their positions on various issues, some which will directly affect St. Albert. Is there a reason why St. Albert’s Mayoral candidates haven’t started here?

For the first time voters will be electing candidates for a four year period. Four years can accumulate a lot of positives for residents, but with its present track record, it is highly doubtful that the present political machine will actually do that.  If candidates seem to be skirting the issues, cater to a few select supporters or special interests and only offer residents a brief “reality show”, St. Albert is in real trouble for the next four years.

Can candidates accept voter apathy?  Or are they a part of the problem?  Maybe October 21st will show a landslide victory for Apathy itself.


2 thoughts on “The Race is on!

  1. This post states: “It is puzzling as to why other candidates have not already stepped up to the plate and become very public about their candidacy or platform issues.” Without commenting on the merits of any particular candidate’s advertisement, detailed information about my campaign has been available online at since mid-July. You are welcome to provide a link to my website in the list of links at the bottom of this page. I have also attended a meeting of the St. Albert Taxpayer’s Association quite prepared to talk with anyone there about my views and policy positions. I am pleased to say I had several engaging conversations with SATA members. In the mean time, since I am running a frugal, low-budget campaign, I will be out door-knocking, talking to voters and, if funds permit as we get closer to election day, buying a few strategically timed advertisements. In the mean time, your readers can rest assured that quite some time ago I stepped up to the plate and become very public about my candidacy and platform issues – in a format, moreover, that those readers can access and read at their convenience.

    David Climenhaga
    Candidate for St. Albert City Council

  2. It would good for a viable alternate to run for mayor. Watched the Shelley at Council show and it was reinforced that this person would make St. Albert look like Dogpatch.

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