No Surprise Here

Cathy Heron’s bid for re-election comes as no surprise. True to form, she chastises St. Albert residents’ ability to discern what it actually is that they or newcomers want to live in. (1) They do care, Ms. Heron, even though you state they do not. They just can not afford what this city hoists on its citizens.

There are many young families who opt not to move to St. Albert because of the small cramped back yards in new districts accompanied by the high taxes this city offers. These young families are most definitely interested in the older areas of St. Albert where ample yard space gives their children opportunity to grow and play without having to encounter your vision of a cramped concrete playground when they open their front doors. Those that find themselves in concrete parts of the city generally don’t stay for the long term. Understandable.

Even many single individuals desire to have more than what you are hinting at offering in a second term. Speaking with a few who still work in St. Albert, but could not afford the high price tag that goes along with living in this city, seems to negate the “whole other generation” picture you offer. Thankfully they can find more affordable options outside of this city without having council’s label attached to the size of their paychecks.

During your term in office, it might have helped when you left “the boundary of St. Albert” and observed the interesting “regional stuff” to actually listen to the people and their reasons for living elsewhere than here.

It is a bit like leashing a dog, Ms. Heron. You know, the ones you want to offer plenty freedom of movement to. Should the human species have anything less than what you want to offer your dog? Or do you have such disdain for our species that you are willing to curb their freedom and living space in your continued high taxed Orwellian “Smart Growth” pursuit?

(1) St. Albert Gazette, August 10, 2013 – Heron to seek council re-election


4 thoughts on “No Surprise Here

  1. Well, with Ms Heron’s political aspirations, it’s no wonder she’s more interested in the “regional stuff”.

  2. She is a snob and hasn’t figured out that others aren’t as fortunate as herself. Her outlook is very limited. Sort of like the royal family who can’t see beyond the walls.

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