A Brief Primer

Before embarking on other local issues that affect not only residents, but substantiate leadership adequacies or inadequacies, a brief primer of public-private partnerships (P3) is in order. This is needed to help clarify how so many facets of local government have been hijacked from the voters’ realm.

Public-private partnerships are the going rage at international, federal, provincial and local levels.. It has nothing to do with free enterprise, and everything to do with economic fascism, something that the voting public should be protesting loudly against if it wants to have financial transparency, any say in public policy or retain any right to private property, infrastructure, or resources.

Public-private partnerships are a key player in ICLEI’s program that systematically seeks to destroy the government that represents the people. This program effectively redistributes wealth by transferring taxpayers’ dollars and putting profits and resources into the hands of private interest groups. Quite obviously, these private interest groups do not have to answer to the taxpaying public. And because of the nature of the relationship, governments tend to remain silent to its electorate about any arising issues leaving it ineffective in fulfilling its official mandate.

The P3’s “private” component is usually made up of any one or combination of the following: associations, corporations, foundations, non-governmental agencies, organizations, or secondary institutions.

When the private portion of this partnership is business, its ultimate goal is to seek profit, not service. And profit as a motivator will change lifestyles for the taxpaying public who has now become a commodity being tossed between private business and government. The one gains revenue, while the other obtains higher taxes.

When non-governmental organizations get involved in a P3, it is to promote their own agenda. As they are totally committed to their cause, they are calculating and at times can be quite aggressive in pushing their plans forward. They prey on the social conscience of corporations, government and the public often citing the benefits of the “collective” community instead of the individual.

Many NGO’s use various forms of on and off-line advertising, scare tactics, coercion and pseudo science as they incrementally move forward towards their goal. They value nature above human life which can frequently be observed in the various methods they use.

The issues Keystone XL have encountered from NGO’s is an excellent example of how these organizations work. Between the pseudo science, scare tactics and hysteria the NGO’s promoted regarding the assault Keystone XL could unleash on Gaia, they effectively managed to put Keystone temporarily on hold. Renown business author, Peter Foster, has written several articulate pieces on NGO’s and the propaganda techniques they inflicted on Keystone XL. Two of these can be found here and here.

And how do public-private partnerships affect our once fair city?  Stay tuned.  There’s more to come.


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