Don’t Act Responsible, Please.


Southern Alberta has just experienced one of the severest natural devastations in recorded history. Those who helped out can attest that pictures and media footage can’t even come close to describing the nightmare the unfortunate affected individuals are living through. And once everyone is able to return home, the nightmare will continue. The clean-up, the loss of personal possessions, some of which are irreplaceable, and last, but not least, the insurance headaches.

On June 21st, 2013, the Insurance Bureau of Canada issued a statement that they would not cover flood waters that found its way through doors or windows.  This leaves many in southern Alberta in quite the predicament. Even if “overland flooding” had been purchased, the yearly cost would be prohibitive to the average citizen. Besides, who would even dare to think of that possibility happening here on the prairies. And especially to the extent it did.

A few hours north of this devastation lies St. Albert. Its downtown core is located in a verified flood plain. And it is in this flood plain that Mayor Crouse wants to establish one of his legacies under the name of DARP (Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan). With his insistence of being led by an NGO to not  circumvent a possible devastation in the future, it seems that neither his master nor he, himself, have considered various consequences, one of which is the insurance needed to build his legacy in a flood plain.

If Mayor Crouse truly has St. Albert’s interest at heart, he would heed this warning. Common sense would dictate that building in a flood plain is ludicrous at best. Approving an underground parkade in a flood plain to the tune of nine million extra taxpayers’ dollars with the knowledge of the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s position, is an affront to St. Albert residents. Even if the provincial and federal governments step in to help out to some degree, the taxpayer still carries the burden.

It is interesting that Mayor Crouse, a fervent follower of the global warming cult, does not even take heed of the movement’s “expert’s” forecast that buildings will become uninsurable in the future. Blair Feltmate from the University of Waterloo states that once industry and governments have identified and updated flood plains throughout Canada, these areas “will be designated as uninsurable markets[.] [D]o not build there.” He continues stating that “large sectors of Canada could be potentially uninsurable.

It is time that those who have been voted in to office be held accountable for what they approve and don’t approve. After all, their employers are paying them to work knowledgeably and responsibly with taxpayers’ funds. This is one “legacy” that doesn’t pass that test. Maybe it is one that should be washed down the river for the irresponsibility it exhibits.


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