Election Prelude?

Does Mayor Crouse’s present hiring stance have anything to do with the presentation he gave to the Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD) which was led by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)?

Could it be that Saskatoon’s councillor Tiffany Paulsen’s presentation on city initiatives for recruitment had an effect on Mayor Crouse?

Does Mayor Crouse have insight into rampant racism and discrimination in St. Albert? Is it possible he took Councillor Sandy McMillan’s presentation to heart and “collect[ed] and evaluate[d] data and information on discrimination, racism and exclusion“?

Or is this an incident that seems to be gathering some political clarity?

Has Mayor Crouse read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Or how about Alberta’s?

Is Mayor Crouse wanting St. Albert employers to hire anyone who comes through a business’ doors regardless whether there is a job available or not and regardless if the individual is qualified to do a job? Is that how the City of St. Albert acquired the massive staff it presently has under Mayor Crouse?

Is Mayor Crouse supporting a society of rights without responsibilities?


4 thoughts on “Election Prelude?

  1. Holy Smokes – you certainly ask a whole lot of questions. Unfortunately, it’s only our illustrious mayor who can answer these questions and I highly doubt that anyone would be happy with the truth.

    1. We may not receive any answers, but the questions leave room to consider who this individual is, what his background activities are, his future goals and is he someone who represents what the voter wants.

    2. No they wouldn’t. Especially when we know that our mayor sent a disabled person, supposedly he knows, to the Library board to ask for a job. Something he knew would not happen as the board does not hire. Then they are labeled by the mayor as discriminatory? How many people did he use to make a name for himself? Did he know what he was doing? Does he really not know that the board doesn’t hire? Is he really competent? Do I ask enough questions? Great article!

      1. Hey, it’s an election year and when you’re treading water – it’s every man/woman for him/herself….

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