Kudos to the County of Parkland

Finally someone is taking a stand and recognizing the Capital Region Board’s (CRB) system which, since its inception, has managed to usurp the voter’s voice.

Mayor Ron Shaigec’s position that “Parkland would drop its legal action if the province changed the CRB’s Regional Evaluaton Framework (REF) process ” is a bit disconcerting though. Could it be that he left himself an opening since signing on to ICLEI in May of this year?

As a new member of this non-governmental agency, there may still be hope for Parkland to rapidly resign its membership. Having first-hand experience of how the CRB is effectively destroying local government control; overstepping jurisdictional boundaries, and not being answerable to the voting public may impact Shaigec’s decision.

As for Crouse’s left-leaning stance that this system works – it shows the residents of this city that he has no respect for either them or the electorate system. You know, the one that originally voted him into office.

It’s a slippery slope St. Albert is sliding down. Let us hope that Parkland is successful in not going down that same slope.  And that it manages to successfully “sink” the CRB.


3 thoughts on “Kudos to the County of Parkland

  1. You have an excellent grasp of municipal issues and your articles are a delight to read! I’m glad I found your blog!

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