Privacy and Security

Privacy and security. That’s something most people cherish and something one would expect to find in *exclusive* St. Albert. But how secure do you believe you are in St. Albert? How much privacy do you believe you still have here?

Have you checked out the latest addition to the City’s online service? They’ve spent YOUR dollars to take aerial pictures of YOUR property so that thieves have easier access to check out YOUR security measures, “in” and “out” routes they can access, hiding places your property offers (i.e. shrubs) and the number and type of vehicles on your property.

As an added bonus, the City’s website states :

While the City of St Albert provides the information contained within the following maps and screens in good faith, it does not warrant, covenant, or guarantee the completeness and accuracy of this information. The City is not liable for damages or losses that may result from the use of or reliance upon information accessed through this website.

If Council was even remotely concerned with the security and privacy of its residents and respect what “private property” actually means, it would have done what other places, such as Germany, have done and that is, at the very least, enable residents to “opt out” of this application. Instead it has used YOUR tax dollars to enable the curious and possibly the nefarious to further  erode your privacy and safety.

Isn’t it great that taxpayers’ money is used by the City to play with new toys at the expense of the privacy and security of its residents?


2 thoughts on “Privacy and Security

  1. Austria, Iraq, Argentina and Greece only allowed their mountainous regions to be on streetview. Good points.

  2. How would the city administration know they might be infringing on the privacy of taxpayers in St. Albert, when the majority didn’t/don’t have FOIP training?

    The Mayor can take a course on public speaking/learning how to use a microphone and we have to pay for it, but as late as 2011, the individual responsible for FOIP said admin wasn’t trained? And for those who don’t know FOIP’s been around since 1995.

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